Right now, I’m 2-2-1 in predictions, with Idaho winning the Potato Bowl (I don’t do home-field advantage).  Also, the playoff games look boring in the first round.

I managed to figure out a reasonable approach to using the random walkers method to make predictions.  However, getting that programmed and time to run it is not easy.  Basically, it comes to picking the margin of victory that has the least (euclidean norm) affect on the ratings. For the upcoming games before Christmas my […]

Football FBS Ranking Team Rating 1 Alabama 6.590632 2 Michigan 5.172987 3 Ohio_St 4.597627 4 Wisconsin 3.241168 5 Washington 3.073811 6 Louisville 2.605588 7 LSU 2.503123 8 Auburn 2.470957 9 Colorado 2.349486 10 Penn_St 2.23588 11 Clemson 2.212546 12 USC 2.066135 13 Texas_A&M 2.008923 14 Washington_St 1.924454 15 Iowa 1.814082 16 Oklahoma 1.790844 17 W_Michigan […]

D3 soccer is getting into the post season. Both the men’s and the women’s team at Loras won another conference championship.  The women had to share theirs with the other LC in the state.  However, neither team has cracked the top-25 in my rankings, so either they will get to overperform in the postseason or […]

So there has been enough games played, that rankings mean something (though not much).  Hence, my first ranking of the year.  Reminder, I am using my win-by-N, random walker ranking from here on. D3 Soccer Thanks to d3soccer.com for having a relatively nice page to scrape. Men’s Sadly, due to worse than hoped, hard pre-conference […]

I’m presenting at the Loras Legacy Symposium today.  Here are the slides.

Now we have Kansas as the favorite (barely) over UNC.  Kansas vs. Villanova looks like it could be the game of the tournament, unless Kansas and UNC meet in the finals. Ranking Team Rating 1  Kansas 0.84043 2  North_Carolina 0.839055 3  Villanova 0.819986 4  Virginia 0.780579 6  Oklahoma 0.665475 12  Oregon 0.576093 28  Syracuse 0.435752 […]