Same plan as last time.  Read the tables as column is favored by ___ over row.  So Skidmore is favored by one over College of New Jersey. Women Atlantic Coast (1 bid) Catholic is already in. Great Lakes (1 bid) Valpo is in. Metro East (1 bid) Skidmore College of New Jersey Skidmore 0.00 -1.00 […]

I’m listing the predicted margins for any team that is within a two-point upset to make it to nationals.  If the region had three bids, I am listing every match-up of teams that via a 3 point swing could make nationals by beating the third ranked team in that region.  If a match-up isn’t listed, the […]

tl;dr: Mens- D1: UNC, D3: Franciscan, B: Texas A&M Womens- D1: Stanford, D3:Williams, B: Colorado

So about half of the sections are done, and that caused some shake-up in the rankings.  Some good, some not. tl;dr (Overall, D3, B) Men: UNC, Franciscan, Texas A&M Women: Stanford, Williams, Colorado

It’s break, but kids need wrangling so no commentary right now. tl;dr (Overall, D3, B) Men: UNC, Franciscan, UMN Women: Stanford, Williams, Delaware

Somewhat inspired by Wom’s performance two weekends ago at the Northwest Challenge, I worked on getting the USAU score page scraped.  I now feel better about using RSelenium and it works.  I am currently using 6 as the complete margin of victory.  I’ll get the code up on github eventually.

Midterm grades were due on Tuesday, and D1 isn’t as much my thing.  I did make it on local TV. Men’s No. 7 Florida is a 3 point favorite over No. 16 Wisconsin. No. 12 Baylor is a 3 point favorite over No. 26 South Carolina No. 6 North Carolina is a 4 point favorite […]